A-Z Spoiler Alert!

My A to Z is going to be all about villains and their points of view. As such there will be major plot points discussed (they affected the villain just as much as the hero!) So if you don’t know, and don’t want to, maybe you should skip that entry.   Thanks for checking this … Continue reading A-Z Spoiler Alert!

A-to-Z Theme

This is only the second time I’m attempting the challenge, and my first with a theme. So, here goes, the commitmentphobe commits to a single topic. Will she stick to it? Tune in April 1st to 30th and let’s see together, shall we? My theme will be Villains… what’s their side of the story? Now, … Continue reading A-to-Z Theme

A-to-Z Challenge!

I haven’t blogged in a couple of years. When I initially started a blog, it was as a new experience, something to test my writing abilities, learn about ‘current media’… whatever. Over a very short space of time, it became so much more, and I credit the A-to-Z Challenge with that. I had only written … Continue reading A-to-Z Challenge!